Original Spaces supports you in creating the maximum experience for your guests and customers, where spaces are a tool for your organization to achieve its purpose. Experience, performance, quality, efficiency and time are always the key elements throughout the process. From the initiation phase to the construction and commissioning of those spaces.


The development and realization of projects consist of three phases. These phases can start one after another, but can also be intertwined. Together these three phases form a recurring cycle of 360 degrees. A project always starts with an initiative, which is followed by a period of design and project preparation, and comes to an end with the implementation and realization. After the implementation and realization the 360 degrees cycle starts again from the beginning with an initiative, development and realization. Within Original Spaces we have divided our services into three parts, in order to offer the correct and most appropriate service for each phase.

  • Original Spaces 120

    Original Spaces 120

    When you, as our client, have an initiative, the Project Management - Original Spaces 120 - will advise and guide you. This initial phase is of great importance for the success of the project.

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  • Original Spaces 240

    Original Spaces 240

    From the moment everything is defined in the business case - Original Spaces 240 – will start the second phase.

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  • Original Spaces 360

    Original Spaces 360

    The moment of the first pole or first stone is always a beautiful and memorable moment. From that moment on the realization and implementation starts, at which - Original Spaces 360 - acts as Turn-Key supplier.

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The three different labels of Original Spaces can be applied per label or all three labels at once. This all depends on the status of the project. The maximum and most efficient results are achieved when Original Spaces is a project participant from the initiation phase onwards. After a first introduction of the project, Original Spaces can present the status of the project within two weeks and will also be able to give a good insight of finance, organization, planning, information and quality.