Original Spaces

Original Spaces is the supplier of ‘original spaces’. We specialize in the development and realization of ‘spaces’ in Leisure & Hospitality and Retail.

Original Spaces advises, supports and accompanies its clients from the initiation phase to the construction and commissioning of 'spaces'. Original Spaces works with three labels: ‘Original Spaces 120' for strategic advice, 'Original Spaces 240' for construction management, location management and site management and ‘Original Spaces 360’ for Turn Key deliveries.

During the development of projects, cooperation between all parties involved is of great importance. A correct balance and extensive sparring between 'emotion' and 'ratio' are very important and form the basis of success. By having the 'emotion' - the part of architects and designers – managed by the 'ratio' of Original Spaces, the balance in costs, organization, planning, information and quality will be found in each project.

  • Original Spaces 120

    Original Spaces 120

    When you, as our client, have an initiative, the Project Management - Original Spaces 120 - will advise and guide you. This initial phase is of great importance for the success of the project.

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  • Original Spaces 240

    Original Spaces 240

    From the moment everything is defined in the business case - Original Spaces 240 – will start the second phase.

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  • Original Spaces 360

    Original Spaces 360

    The moment of the first pole or first stone is always a beautiful and memorable moment. From that moment on the realization and implementation starts, at which - Original Spaces 360 - acts as Turn-Key supplier.

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